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At Top Notch Tint & Detail, we are dedicated to providing the best paint protection Bremerton WA services. With our top-notch services, we aim to protect and enhance the beauty of your vehicle.

Top Tier Paint Protection Film

At Top Notch Tint & Detail, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality paint protection film that provides unparalleled safeguarding for your vehicle’s paintwork. Our premium film is specifically designed to offer exceptional protection against scratches, chips, and other types of damage that can degrade the appearance of your car.

Expert PPF Installation

With our expert installation techniques, you can trust that your car's paint will remain in immaculate condition, preserving its long-lasting beauty and enhancing its overall value. Invest in our paint protection film to give your vehicle the ultimate defense it deserves.

The #1 Paint Correction

If your vehicle’s paint has lost its luster due to imperfections, swirl marks, or dull spots, our meticulous paint correction services are here to restore its original shine and brilliance. Our highly skilled technicians are equipped with advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to carefully remove scratches, swirls, and other paint defects that diminish the overall appearance of your car.

Through our detailed approach and meticulous attention to every imperfection, we ensure that your vehicle emerges flawlessly rejuvenated, leaving it looking as if it just rolled off the showroom floor. Experience the transformative power of our paint correction services and witness your car’s true potential shine through.

The Best Ceramic Coating in Bremerton, WA

Leading Ceramic Coatings

For long-term shine and paint protection Bremerton WA services, our ceramic coating are the ideal choice for your vehicle. Our exceptional ceramic coatings establish a formidable protective barrier on your car's paint, providing robust defense against harmful UV rays, environmental contaminants, and other potential damage. The result is not only superior protection but also a breathtakingly deep and glossy finish that exudes elegance.

With our ceramic coatings, your vehicle will maintain its pristine appearance for years to come, effortlessly turning heads and setting new standards of excellence on the road. Elevate your car's protection and aesthetic appeal with our unparalleled ceramic coating solutions.

Superior Window Tinting

Indulge in the enhancement of your vehicle’s style, comfort, and privacy through our professional window tinting services. We take pride in utilizing high-quality window films that deliver a multitude of benefits. Our exceptional window films offer superior heat rejection capabilities, ensuring that the interior of your vehicle remains cool and comfortable even during scorching summer days.

Additionally, our window films provide outstanding UV protection, blocking up to 99% of harmful rays to safeguard your skin and prevent your vehicle’s interior from fading and deteriorating over time. Experience reduced glare from the sun and other vehicles’ headlights, enhancing your visibility and promoting a safer driving experience.

Our window tinting services strike the perfect balance between privacy and visibility, empowering you with enhanced privacy while maintaining excellent visibility and ensuring the utmost durability of the films. Elevate your driving experience with our professional window tinting services.

About Top Notch Tint & Detail

At Top Notch Tint & Detail, our goal and passion are to provide each client with the perfect solution for their automobile. We understand the importance of protecting your investment and maintaining its pristine condition. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we offer high-end paint protection Bremerton WA services.

We take pride in not only providing exceptional paint protection Bremerton WA services but also educating our clients on proper car care and maintenance. Our experienced team will guide you through the best practices and recommend products and techniques to help you keep your car looking its best for years to come.

Conveniently located in Washington, we serve various areas including Bremerton and the surrounding areas. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure precise and flawless results for every vehicle we work on.

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Gio Hwang
Gio Hwang
My 2018 Tesla Model 3 was showing some wear and tear from everyday driving. As I am planning to own this for several more years, I thought I'd invest in professional detailing to refresh the look. After doing some searches, I decided to give it a shot with Top Notch, hoping to get it detailed and look brand new again. And that's exactly what they did - after 5 years, my M3 looks even better than when I first got my keys from the dealer! I have to say, the owner, Paul, and his team were very professional and super friendly throughout the entire process. They were very knowledgeable about what they were doing and made sure to explain everything to me in detail. Paul took the time to understand my needs and never tried to upsell any service. The quality of their work was simply outstanding. They paid attention to every detail, and even the smallest things were taken care of with utmost care. The end result was a spotlessly clean and shiny car that looked like it had just rolled off the showroom floor. I went with Ceramic Pro's ceramic coating of 2 years, which I'm hopeful that it will retain the look during those periods. I would highly recommend Top Notch Detail to anyone looking for professional and high-quality car detailing services. Their team is truly dedicated to providing excellent service and making sure their customers are happy with the end result. Thank you, Top Notch Detail, for your outstanding work! I will see you after one year for Annual Care.
Becky Fernandes
Becky Fernandes
Received gift certificate for Christmas for exterior and interior detail. My 2017 Legacy really needed a good cleaning. Called last Friday, got a appointment for today at 9am. Arrived early, great group of people worked on my car, beautiful job. Would highly recommend this for all your car needs.
amber milner
amber milner
These guys do a great job with all the services they offer. I have had them detail, window tint replacement, and ceramic coating with color correction. Always so welcoming and hands down amazing customer service. Always leave happy with their services. Thank you for your car care.
Ryan Macedo
Ryan Macedo
I have had a lot of work done at Top Notch, from detail, to tinting to PPF. Their work is always stellar, super great team
Michael Trujillo
Michael Trujillo
Great service at a good price!
Marvin Sanchez
Marvin Sanchez
Quick clean, and amazing customer service! This is the third job that I’ve come in with for tinting, and every time they have taken care of me. Highly recommend their gift certificate purchases, you are fully able to come in ahead of time and buy a full gift certificate!! Thanks again, Guys!
Michael Fitch
Michael Fitch
Fantastic service!! Got my tint done super quick and efficiently with the highest amount of quality applied to the final product. Toyota Camry TRD 23’
Melissa Shenefelt
Melissa Shenefelt
We used Top Notch for my husbands FXT today and they did an amazing job. It was quick and precise. Great customer service!!
Justin “Nearside.SOE” Panilagao
Justin “Nearside.SOE” Panilagao
Huuugggee shout out to these guys. Phenomenal work at a great price. Pair that with the amazing customer service provided by the entire team there. Another happy customer! Highly recommended for any tint and detail needed

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Our skilled technicians are trained and experienced in the art of auto detailing. We pay attention to every detail to deliver exceptional results.

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We use only high-quality products, including premium paint protection films, ceramic coatings, and window films, to ensure maximum protection and longevity.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations with our personalized service, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence.

Convenient Location

Our shop is conveniently located in Washington, making it easily accessible for residents in the surrounding areas.

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